Galanter & Jones

UX Design, Visual Design, Art Direction

Furniture design & build firm Galanter and Jones hired me to design and manage development of their site.

Defining Personas

When sitting down with the fine folks at G&J, I first tried to determine who would be using their site and how. I found that they had many different types of customers, all of which had different goals. Talking through personas and definig user goals helps us narrow in on what features were crucial to the site's success.


After nailing down the goals of the project, I began to wireframe the site and iterate on possibilities. After building wireframes and prototypes I got feedback from stakeholders to make sure we were on the right track. 

Development & Launch

Working with a developer and doing a bit of the front end dev on my own, the site was built and launched. Ultimately it resulted in a 3x boost in online sales and improved lead capturing for stakeholders.


After a successful site launch, I continued to work with the client on their printed marketing material.

Digital Product

Galanter & Jones makes heated outdoor furniture. The interface for the tempature control is analog but we expermented with digital options. I made this prototype to show a possible app solution.